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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of cost savings can I expect by refinishing, rather than replacing, my acoustical ceiling?
A: Generally, refinishing will save you at least 50% of the replacement cost (for a less-expensive 2x4 ceiling); with a more expensive tile (for example, a 2x2 revealed edge), we generally save customers 50-70% of the cost of replacement.

Q: Will my ceiling have that painted look to it after it's refinished?
A: Not at all! Many people have seen ceilings that have been painted, which usually leaves the ceiling with an uneven, unsightly, splotchy look. Our acoustical coating is specifically formulated for use on acoustical ceilings, and will not fill in even the smallest fissures (holes) on the face of the tile.

Q: Will the refinishing process negatively impact the acoustical properties of my ceiling?
A: No. Our acoustical coating is designed to retain the ceiling's acoustical properties.

Q: What about the ceiling's fire rating?
A: Our coating will not adversely affect your ceiling's fire rating.

Q: What about the supporting metal gridwork? Does CeilSpray refinish that as well?
A: Yes. We refinish the grids and the ceiling tiles at the same time.

Q: Will the tiles adhere to the metal grids after refinishing?
A: No. The tiles will NOT adhere to the supporting metal gridwork after your ceiling is refinished. Our acoustical coating is a non-bridging formulation. You will still be able to lift the tiles up for access to the area above the ceiling.

Q: What does "The GREEN way to a white ceiling" mean?
A: By now, most people realize that we must start reducing our waste, in all facets of our lives. Landfills are reaching their capacity all across the country. By refinishing, rather than replacing your ceiling, you'll prevent a tremendous amount of waste from having to be disposed of. Our refinishing process is much more environmentally friendly than filling up dumpsters with perfectly good ceiling tiles and grids.

Q: Is acoustical ceiling refinishing a proven and tested process?
A: Refinishing is used by many of the largest companies across the United States; CeilSpray has refinished millions of square feet for hundreds of customers throughout New England, New York and New Jersey. Once a new customer works with us, we find that they become a customer for life.

Q: How long has CeilSpray been in business?
A: In April 2011, CeilSpray Ceiling Refinishing celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Q: Is CeilSpray fully insured?
A: Yes. We carry full liability, vehicle, and workers compensation insurance.

Q: Can I have the ceiling refinished with a custom color?
A: Yes. We often refinish ceilings to a custom color, most commonly in restaurants and retail spaces. You select the color and we match our acoustical coating to your satisfaction.

Q: Can the ceiling refinishing work be done off-hours?
A: Yes. About 2/3 of our work is done after-hours, since we often work in occupied spaces. We work with our customers to minimize any disruption to their operations.

Q: We have an in-house maintenance staff. Why not just replace the ceiling ourselves?
A: It's a bigger (and messier) project than most people think. A realistic cost comparison will include not only the cost of the new ceiling tiles, but also the following:
• Labor to Remove & Dispose of the Old Tiles
• Approx. 20% Extra Tile Cost for Edge Cuts & Miscellaneous Waste
• Labor to Clean the Discolored Metal Gridwork
• Labor to Install the New Tiles, including Time-Consuming Edge Cuts
• Possible Electrician's Cost to Reinstall Light Fixtures, Smoke Detectors, Speakers, Etc.
• Cost of Waste Disposal (Dumpsters, Etc.)
• Extensive Cleanup of the Mess Generated by Years of Dust & Debris Falling down from the Old Ceiling

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